Dispute Resolution

Legal Advisory

We sincerely believe that there is no dispute that could not be resolved.


We will provide you with support to close the most twisted of disputes. Litigation in courts of law or administrative courts and administrative proceedings are among our leading practice areas. The current stage of your case does not matter to us.


In addition, we perfectly understand that appearance in court may be a stressful experience for you. Hence, we will consider all your out-of-court options for resolution first with your best interest in mind. If this proves impractical, we will professionally guide and assist you through the whole litigation process. We will take over all formalities so you can focus on your life and your business. We will take care of the rest.


There are many law firms out there who provide professional representation in court. But we go beyond handling litigation and offer meaningful and multi-dimensional assistance measured by the numerous wins of our Clients.

We provide:

  • assessment of the facts of the case and the available case documents,
  • identification of risks and preliminary assessment of the prospects of success,
  • development of a litigation strategy for the case, including end-to-end collaboration to select the best course of action,
  • review of the current practice and the relevant case law,
  • support and representation at every stage of the dispute,
  • alert to the possibility or need for early dispute resolution as appropriate to the dynamics and progress of the dispute at hand,
  • support in closing the dispute while enforcing performances or obligations on your behalf.