Commercial Contracts

Legal Advisory

We offer comprehensive legal assistance at the preparation, negotiation, conclusion and execution stages of commercial contracts, including those associated with international trade.


We support our Clients within their activities in all industries, including production associated with the import and export of goods.


We also have unique expertise in the field of international commercial contracts concluded with business partners located within the European Union as well as beyond its borders with application of provisions of international law, including international agreements, international trade customs or international transport law institutions.


We stand out on the basis of our experience and above average standard of provided legal services. We emphasize effects, at the same time thoroughly understanding international business realities and looking after the legal security of our Clients.


We put particular emphasis on the process of negotiation of contractual terms and conditions so as to ensure solutions that are most optimal for the Client, at the same time acceptable to all of the parties, and ensuring the utmost security of the business interests of the party represented by us.

We provide:

  • comprehensive support of our Clients at each stage of the transaction, bearing in mind a business approach to the transaction being carried out,
  • preparation, verification and negotiations of agreements including: delivery/sale of goods and  materials agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements, agreements relating to the implementation and servicing of IT systems, agreements relating to logistics (transport, forwarding, lease and automotive rental agreements), agreements for the provision of advisory-consulting services, agreements relating to intellectual property rights and trademarks, agreements relating to the expansion and modernization of production facilities (construction works agreements, agreements for the delivery of machines),
  • preparation, verification and negotiation of agreements prepared in accordance with United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and Incoterms rules,
  • legal advice relating to the tax optimization of concluded agreements,
  • post-contractual counsel covering legal assistance during the entire period of contract performance and taking into account the identification of risks.