Corporate Consultancy

Legal Advisory

A well-aligned strategy is key to success in business.


This is the starting point. Hence, we offer a range of services beyond the usual advisory work. It is only an element of the overall business review that we undertake. We go beyond recommending actions, our focus is on the outcome. You receive a complete solution setting the specific direction for growth of your business.


Our Clients include both groups of companies with complex corporate structures and sole traders. Our extensive portfolio is not a coincidence. Our experience, above-average standard of service and efficiency make us stand out. All this to make sure that you have legal certainty and robust solutions.


We also understand the value of your time, the most valuable currency in business. We will take over all formalities from you and will not bother you with theoretical considerations as much as possible. However, we will remain on stand-by to put out fires, which, as you well know, are not uncommon in the business world.

We provide:

  • setting up, registration and transfer of shares / interests in companies / partnerships or other legal entities under the laws of Poland,
  • transformation of sole trader businesses / partnerships / companies, merger and division of companies established under the laws of Poland,
  • corporate services for entities based in Poland and abroad: creating corporate governance; exercise of shareholder/officer powers for corporate entities; board meeting and general meeting services; drafting of corporate documents, including resolutions, minutes, policies and regulations, powers of attorney and applications as well as commercial contracts with business partners; and implementation of internal procedures,
  • winding up of partnerships / companies established under the laws of Poland,
  • legal and tax due diligence on partnerships / companies established under the laws of Poland,
  • updates of company information in the Central Register of Beneficial Owners for Poland-based companies (since 13 October 2019),
  • legal and tax due diligence on international structures for CFC/CRS compliance,
  • setting up and servicing of foreign or offshore companies,
  • winding up of companies and other foreign or offshore entities.